ABOUT jessica


Dutch Jessica has been singing since she could talk. She joined a choir when she was 11 years old and at age 13, she applied for the National Children's Choir in the Netherlands. She also was selected out of 800 teenagers to tour through Europe during the summers with a youth choir. When she was 19, she joined a band and toured in the Netherlands and Belgium for seven years. 

In 2004 she moved to Sweden, taught herself the language, the country, the way of the Swedes and joined a semi professional choir. She enjoyed that for 10 years, but felt she wanted to reach out more directly to the audience and choose - and write - songs herself!

Apart from being a singer-songwriter, Jessica is also a speech-language pathologist, Complete Vocal Technique singing teacher and energy healer and has her own company: Sangotal, The Voice and Communication Studio.


 Jessica Christine is changing the world!

Will you let her enchant you and reach your heart? 

Music is a healer! 


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April 2019

Of course, life has been busy! Jessica moved to a new fantastic apartment, in the center of Linköping, Sweden, and now lives on the seventh floor and, as the Dutch say, in the seventh heaven! It’s amazing and such a joy to wake up every day. It’s like being in a luxurious hotel!

She has been partaking in a singing contest called Livekarusellen since January, and has now advanced to the district finals! Livekarusellen is organized by a great organization, Studiefrämjandet, and the singers are receiving feedback after each show. So much fun!

April 18, 2018

It's been quiet for a while. Here on the net at least, not in Jessica's life! She has been traveling across the world, working in her own company and at her regular job as a speech language pathologist, taking care of her son, writing songs and she has launched a new website! Klick it! www.thevoiceandcommunicationstudio.com

Currently she is recording her first album in the studio, which is a huge step! Very exciting! 


jessica's gigs


11th of May 2019, Jessica solo, Open Mic Night, Frome, Great Britain, 7pm

4th of May 2019, Jessica Christine and Band, Livekarusellen district finals, Skylten, Linköping, 7pm

You will find Jessica singing and playing at Open Mic Nights in Linköping.



12th of April 2019, Jessica Christine and Band, Livekarusellens semi finals, Arbis, Linköping

6th of March 2019, Jessica Christine and Band, Livekarusellens 2nd turnéstopp, L’Orient, Linköping

22nd of February 2019, Livekarusellens 1st turnéstopp, UngPuls Ryd, Linköping

19th of January 2019, Livekarusellens Katapulten, Dynamo Norrköping

31st of May 2018, Singing for Blodomloppet 2018 (the Blood Run) Linköping, on the corner of Klostergatan and Nygatan, Linköping, from 6.30pm -8pm.

12-13th of May 2018, Öland Spirar, Föra Trädgård, Föra, Öland, Sweden, between 10am-5pm.

16th of February 2018, Opening Act as Princess Jezz in Palatset, Drottninggatan 23 in Linköping, Sweden

29th of December 2017, her own gig
Princess Jezz Unplugged or.... mellandagsmys (which means a cosy night between Christmas and New Year), 6.30 pm CET in Ryd, Linköping, Sweden and online on FB live.

15th of October 2017, Annual XXV Pacific Voice conference at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, USA

4th of March 2017, guest artist at The Banjo Show 2017 with start 6 pm at L'orient, Linköping, Sweden

26th of January 2017, Open Mic night at Queens Pub, Ågatan 28 in Linköping, Sweden

27th of October 2016, Open Mic night at Queens Pub, Ågatan 28 in Linköping, Sweden, from 9 pm on.

13th of October 2016, Open Mic night at Queens Pub, Ågatan 28 in Linköping, Sweden, from 9 pm on.

1st of October 2016, Annual XXIV Pacific Voice conference at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Main Concert Hall in San Francisco, USA

16th of September 2016, Viskväll at Palatset, Drottninggatan 23, 582 25 in Linköping, Sweden, from 7 pm-1 am.

9th of August 2016, at Arbis, Repslagaregatan 30 in Linköping, Sweden, between 6-8 pm.